The Backburner Diaries



See what I did there?  I drew, photographed,edited, and uploaded my first blog graphic!

So I panicked.  I hit the publish button on my first blog post nearly two years ago, kind friends and friends of friends encouraged me, and someone {bless you} bravely decided to follow my blog.  I got all tight and twitchy inside.  I have no idea (besides the writing part) what I’m doing.  I don’t know how to set up an about page, how to use categories and tags, what a widget is, how to edit a photo so it sends the cool “Hey, Amy here from Meanwhile Life!” vibe.  Then there’s what I might have to say next time.  I stayed in excuses all the while telling myself I’d get back to it. Days and weeks passed, with good intentions ever on the back burner.  So many days and weeks, it’s been well over a year of them.

So that happened.  And this is happening.  My comeback to Meanwhile Life.

Coming back to Meanwhile Life is my commitment to myself.  No more staying stuck!  The way I’ve treated this blog is a small picture of many other things in my life.  I have great ideas without regular practical action.  There are other things I’ve talked up and brainstormed or swore to change forevermore to the good of my family to say one more word about any of them without doing something true.

  • Decorating the bare walls of my house
  • Sending birthday cards & happiness by mail to extended family
  • Starting an online teaching business
  • Organizing family photo files
  •  Making a full time income doing part time work
  • Mending clothes and toys I’ve promised to fix for my kids
  • Getting on top of laundry for six once and for all

I know I can’t fix all of these things in one simultaneous instant.  I also know I could brush aside social media, and Amazon Prime watching a couple nights a week to get some things rolling.  I’m a type B girl.  I shy away from words like intentional and 5 year plan.  It’s time to make friends with them.  A couple of hours, a couple of projects, a couple of times every week.  That’s it really.  Setting aside distractions, shutting a door behind me, and getting down to business.   I keep telling myself, it’s just the next one thing.

What ideas have you kept on the back-burner?  What’s your next one thing?



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