Zero Week

I have these days every now and then.  The ones where my body feels sluggish the moment I wake up, the kind of sluggishness no amount of caffeine can resolve.  The days when my thoughts feel deeply and distantly covered in thick fog even though nothing troubles me.  The kind of day I just can’t pull together.  I call it a zero day.  I breath in and fill up on the grace to do very little.  I try to keep things as simple as possible, knowing if I can get to the end of it I can pull up the covers and start something better and fresher the next time the sun rises.  Yeah, well I had a week of these days one upon the other last week.

The simplest things felt overwhelmingly complicated multiplied by the four vibrant souls who surpassed my energy within the first 1/2 hour of the day.   I was snappy, crabby, and tired.  And 6 sunrises didn’t bring relief.  I crawled to the end of the week, hope-knowing that I would wake up to a better next week.

Word to the wise: if you get fed up enough with your sugary stress induced eating habits (and the candida that pitches a tent in your gut) that you decide to detox cold turkey, zero day after zero day will follow.  And yes, the sun will rise on a glorious new week in which you will spend your time catching up on the raggedy loose ends of the previous one.  However it’s so worth it!  And you will heartily reassure yourself that this time you have learned your lesson and you will not let yourself slip into the abyss of refined food goodies again.

Seriuosly, pulling the plug on refined sugar and flour is so temporarily miserable and 100% worth it.  I survived.  My kids and house survived me surviving it.  My energy sans the help of caffeine is back, my dishes are clean, and my kids still outpace me in the first hours of the day.  Sweet relief!  (no pun intended).

I had two half draft blog posts stuck in the detox fog last week.  All that aside, I have it in mind to publish one blog post weekly.  I know I may not always have thrilling things to say, but I am hoping the discipline of a weekly post will help me establish my voice and pace.  I’m excited to see what will emerge here.

Does anyone else out there have similar zero day stories or sympathies?  I’d love to hear your coping strategies too.  I’m always happy to have some fresh new ideas for dealing with those days that just can’t seem to get going.


One thought on “Zero Week

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I have them too Amy! Unexplainable low days when you know you are blessed and have absolutely nothing to be low about. I am also doing the Paleo diet thing which is no grains, no dairy, no sugar, no nothing good. Just meat and veggies and fruit and nuts – like a bear. I’ve been exhausted all week!

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